Health, Safety and Environment Policy

LLC "Vostoktransoil" is rightly proud of its positive reputation in matters of occupational health, safety and preventive measures to protect the environment.

During the period of work of the group of companies, qualified specialists in the field with international experience were involved, more than 100 instructions on occupational health and safety were developed, procedures were developed to ensure an adequate level of HSE, in implementing projects, a permanent commission was created (MPC) , carrying out regular testing of personnel knowledge in the field of labor protection, as well as checking the status of workplaces according to working conditions.

In its activities LLC "Vostoktransoil" adheres to the following basic principles:

  • Monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement of the implementation of health, safety and environmental protection measures by defining the required standards, training, risk assessment and audit.
  • Minimize negative environmental impacts by controlling and preventing emissions, rational use of natural resources and proper waste management.
  • Strong commitment to health and safety on an ongoing basis and under any circumstances.
  • Ensuring that all employees understand all the policies and programs existing in the company regarding the implementation of HSE requirements.
  • Detailed planning and implementation of health, safety and environmental activities at all permanent and temporary sites through the application of plans, instructions and procedures for health, safety and environmental protection.
  • Increasing on an ongoing basis the so-called work culture "without a single incident and accident."
  • Full emergency preparedness and emergency response.
  • Open and transparent communication with all interested parties, partners and customers.

LLC "Vostoktransoil", seeking to implement activities without incident, as well as negative environmental impacts, intends to create a positive reputation both in the Russia federation and internationally, constantly striving to improve and become a leader in the world of construction safety.