Storage of oil and oil products

Our own tank farm allows our company to offer a wider range of services. We have enough not only raw materials for sale, but also tanks for proper storage. Therefore, the company “KUPOIL” is engaged in the storage and sale of petroleum products. If necessary, you can leave for a while we have the resources you require (for example, fuel or kerosene) so that they can be delivered to your facility later. By accepting and storing petroleum products, we guarantee their safety and delivery in the same form and condition in which they arrived to us.

The oil depot of the KUPOIL company is located in the Moscow region and allows receiving raw materials from customers in Moscow, the Moscow region and the central regions of Russia. If you buy products from us, it is not at all necessary for you to look for an additional company that provides services for the storage of petroleum products. You can get all the services you need from us, appreciating at the same time our competent approach to each client and the professionalism of each employee. We work to make our customers comfortable.

You can get acquainted with our prices directly with our storage manager, which will not take you much time. Prices will vary depending on how much and what kind of oil you need to store. You make sure that our loyal pricing policy is aimed at establishing an adequate cost of storing petroleum products. So, with us you will be able to spend less and save enough, getting the service at a high level.