Sustainability Factors

As a major employer in Russia, LLC "Vostoktransoil" has a substantial influence on the national economy, society, and environment.

Key economic impacts:

  • Considerable contribution to ensuring Russia’s energy security and petroleum product supplies to its regions;
  • The Company is among Russia’s major taxpayers, with a total contribution to the consolidated national budget from taxes and customs duties exceeding RUB 3 billion in 2017;
  • The Company are major employers in some Moscow regions and serve as local economic mainstays for several municipalities, thus making a considerable contribution to social and economic development and growing investment attractiveness of such localities;
  • Individual and corporate training and up skilling programs.
Key environmental impacts:

  • Pollution resulting from consumption of Company-produced petroleum products (indirect impacts);
  • Potential impacts on biodiversity;
  • Land use for industrial development;
  • Impacts on water resources (water consumption for process needs; water pollution resulting from operations, leakages and accidents);
  • Air pollution (air contaminant and greenhouse emissions).
Key social impacts:

  • Promoting ethical social and business practices through strict observance of human rights, equality, transparent supplier and contractor relations, and a socially responsible approach to integration of the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates;
  • The Company ensures stable employment and offers competitive compensation and social assistance;
  • Significant contribution to supporting traditional lifestyles of the indigenous minorities of the Far North in the host regions.
  • Charitable support of local communities and cultural institutions;
  • Contributing to educational potential of the host regions; promoting sports and healthy lifestyle;
Risks and Mitigation Opportunities

In 2016, LLC "Vostoktransoil" started building up a comprehensive risk management system. It formed the Risk Management Department, which created the system development roadmap. In order to develop the risk management system, the Company created an action plan that accounts for LLC "Vostoktransoil" ’s scale of operation. Besides, LLC "Vostoktransoil" has developed the Risk Management System Concept, which is being negotiated at this time.


Product pipelines ship gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel from the refinery to local distribution facilities.