Our work also includes chartering vessels to transport goods from the ports of the Far East region and arranging stevedoring activities. With regard to the Company's plans about port capacity and facilities, our transportation system has interests in and actively works on the multi-functional transshipment complex Yug-2 at the commercial seaport Ust-Luga and the port of Rajin in North Korea.

In April 2016, our transshipment began to provide a new service designed to relieve Russia's Far East ports and attract additional freight traffic to our customer. The Company began offering a full range of coal,petroleum and petrochemical transportation services via the port of Rajin (DPRK) to the Asia-Pacific region.

According to our analysts' forecasts, the volume of coal petroleum and petrochemical transported towards the region will increase by 7.5 times by 2030. The ice-free seaport of Rajin is therefore of great interest to customers exporting coal petroleum and petrochemical. Rajin is in the northern part of North Korea, 56 km from the border with Russia.

With a depth of 11.5m, the port can handle vessels with a deadweight of up to 40,000 tons. The terminal's quayage stretches for 480 metres. The complex has sufficient capacity to handle up to 4 million tons of cargo per year and a total storage capacity at any one time of 200,000 tons. The daily ship loading rate is up to 14,000 tons, depending on the vessel's tonnage.