Wholesale of Petroleum

LLC "Vostoktransoil" sells oil, gas and oil products on the domestic and international markets, optimally distributing flows depending on the situation. The company has its own oil and oil products transshipment facilities, as well as its own pipelines, which allows minimizing transportation costs.

The Company's priority in the sale of oil and oil products is efficient logistics and maximum utilization of its own transport infrastructure in order to reduce transportation costs and optimize transport schemes. The company has three own storages in Russia (the Varandey storage in Timan-Pechora, a storage in the port of Svetly in the Kaliningrad region, an oil product storage in the port of Vysotsk in the Baltic Sea) with a total capacity of 36 million tons per year. The Company also uses its own floating storage tank in the Caspian for oil transshipment.

LLC "Vostoktransoil” works in the field of wholesales petroleum and transportation of liquid hydrocarbon raw materials. One of the activities of our company is the sale and delivery of oil to consumers on favorable terms. Minimum lot - road or pipeline. The oil sold by our company has been pre-prepared and prepared for transportation. The products fully comply with the requirements of the current GOST R 51858-2002 and are suitable for export deliveries.

Presence of long-term contracts with the largest oil companies of the Russian Federation. Such agreements allow us to provide the customer with any volumes of products of the oil-producing and oil-refining industries..